Be a Budget Savvy Bride without Sacrificing

Planning a wedding is nothing but overwhelming. Decisions upon decisions bombard your once normal days. Try to juggle the details while sticking to a budget can seem like an impossible feat. However, with these few budget savvy tips you can maintain your overall look and feel without busting your buck.

  •  Bridesmaid’s dresses: Instead of choosing a bridesmaids dress from a wedding boutique, look for deals at your favorite retail stores such as Banana Republic, The Limited, or The Gap
  •  Votives: Nothing sets the tone of your reception then candle light. Saturate your reception with inexpensive votives.
  •  Garden Flowers: Raid your or families garden’s for flowers. Many florist will work your own grown flowers….just remember you will still need to pay for their services and floral supplies.
  •  Submerged Floral: Create a striking arrangement with as little as three flowers by submerging your favorite bloom, such as, orchids or calla lilies in vases with a floating candle.
  •  Vases and Jars: Instead of purchasing or renting vases create an eclectic look by gathering a mix of vases, jars, and glasses that you or loved ones may own.
  •  Colored Water: Bring color to your tables by floating a candle in a vase filled with colored water. Add a submerged flower for an extra touch.
  •  Rose Petals: Don’t scatter, but, create “petal piles” around candlescapes, which, gives you color for little cost. You can also fill rose petals in a hurricane vase with a candle or submerge in a vase filled with water and a floating candle.
  •  Hydrangeas: Although hydrangeas are considered one of the more expensive flowers, they cover a large area. Fill a vase with one to tree hydrangeas to create a lovely, simple centerpiece.
  •  Baby’s Breath: Don’t knock the baby’s breath… (Although I have been known to too) Packed tightly in arrangements or bouquets baby’s breath can mimic snow, perfect for a winter wedding.
  •  Bridesmaid’s Bouquets: Create modern, inexpensive bridesmaid’s bouquets by using a few stems of one flower such as peonies or hydrangeas.
  •  Paper Lanterns: Paper lanterns make an enormous visual impact whether they are lit or unlit. They are super budget friendly and tie the whole reception room together.

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