Fiesta Time

During the cold winter, the dream of sipping margaritas on a warm Mexican beach seems all too enticing. However, the harsh reality is that most of the time real life does not bring such luck. Instead, a typical winter day involves people trudging through snow on their way to work only to finish their day with an ongoing list of dreaded responsibilities. The thought of basking in the bright tropical sun is just a daydream. Although a Mexican vacation is just a fantasy for most, that does not mean you cannot bring a little of the Latin flare to you, and what better way to escape a dull winter then by throwing a Mexican fiesta.

Recently I teamed up with Leah at Envision Wedding Studio and Grand Falls Casino Resort to host a fun filled fiesta for Novartis, a business in the area. The goal of this Mexican themed fiesta was to create a colorful, eventful party enjoyed by all. Leah took the lead on the design elements using cactus, colored and vintage vases, sombreros, maracas, piñatas, lanterns, indigenous textiles, and bright paper flowers. For the tables we combined these items with vibrant flowers. For our first table we used three colored vases filled with flowers, on the second table we used a 24” cylinder filled with cactus along with an antique vase arranged with flowers, and for the third table, a yellow lantern with small vintage vases packed with flowers. Each centerpiece was accented with a rectangle piece of indigenous fabric.

Creating fiesta themed centerpieces is nothing but enjoyable. Combining bright colors with funky flowers is an ideal pairing. For the Novartis fiesta I wanted to use a variety of textures and colors. The list of flowers I chose was: alstroemeria, stock, protea, tulips, spray roses, godetia, spider mums, acacia, wax flower, bupluerum, and monster leafs. The blend of these flowers allowed me to create unique, vibrant bouquets–no one being exactly alike. The result was a perfect marriage between the design elements and flowers creating an exciting, fun escape from the chilly winter months.

Below is a glimpse of the Mexican theme brought to life

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