Grey: The New Neutral

Grey is a color that in the past has gotten a bad rap; it is often a color associated with sorrow and mourning. However, today is a new day! Now grey can stand strong against its more popular counterpart: black. This year grey is “the” choice for weddings. Many may not know, but in Native American cultures grey is associated with friendship and is seen as a symbol of security, maturity, and dependability. No matter what grey tone you use this hue can add a cooling yet sophisticate vibe.

Grey comes in a variety of shades and tones that will work perfect for you. If you want your wedding to feel fresh and crisp you should pair it with softer, pastel combinations such as greens, peaches, pinks, lavenders and blues. Grey can also work amazingly with more saturated hues of purple, reds, yellows, and hot pinks. By pairing grey with these bold tones you will create a more modern color palette. The beauty of grey is that you can replace white with light grey or substitute black with dark grey. Whatever tone of grey you choose you are bound to find a shade that is a perfect addition for your wedding color palette.

Below are a few of my favorite color combinations using grey

Grey color combos











When incorporating grey into your wedding flowers, with a little creativity there are some wonderful choices. One of my favorite stems to use to bring out the shade is silver brunia. This berry not only complements most color palettes but also adds a unique texture to any bouquet. My other go-to for grey is any type of eucalyptus. This foliage comes in many varieties such as baby blue, gunnii, or silver dollar eucalyptus. Each offer a great option to add a hint of blueish gray to a flower arrangement. If you are seeking a true grey foliage, stick with the fuzzy textured ‘dusty miller.’ Finally, succulents are an awesome choice to add a touch of grey to your flower combo. Choosing any of these suggestions will bring texture, sophistication, and a sense of modernity to your bouquet.

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