An Afternoon of Tea, Feathers, and a Toothbrush

After years of working in the wedding industry, one skill I have learned is to be flexible. Often times I will have to resort to plan B, C, or even D. This week’s wedding is ‘flapper’ inspired and we are using ivory feathers. After a week of searching, the only place I was able to find both the small and large feathers I needed had a $50 shipping charge, which I did not want to spend. So my next step was to get a little creative and come up with a plan B. In looking at the feather color choices I thought my best bet was to purchase white feathers and somehow die them ivory. A few years back I read an article about dying fabric with black tea. I thought to myself, if it works on fabric it should work on feathers–and to my delight I was right! Below is a step by step guide of the process I followed to dye feathers ivory.

As a disclaimer: I realize that there might be a better way to go about dying feathers with tea, but this is the process that I followed which was a success.

Supplies Needed:
Sauce Pan
Black Tea
Paper Towel
Something to dry your wet feathers on  (I used cookie sheets and a big box)

Step #1: Boil Water.

Step #2: Steep your tea in the boiled water. I used 1 tea bag per 1 cup water


Step #3: Put your feathers into the pot of tea and stir them around.

Step #5: Let the feathers dry. I placed mine on the windowsill to speed the process up. I can be a little impatient with waiting 🙂

Step #4: After a few minutes take the feathers out and place them on a paper towel lined cookies sheet (or something simila

Step #6: When the feathers are dry, take a toothbrush and comb them out. I found it worked best to comb the backside of the feather with the toothbrush at an angle.


There you have it. A fairly simple process to dye feathers. The final result is not a drastic change but it is the perfect tone of ivory for the flapper inspired wedding this weekend!

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