An Art Deco Soiree

Last year we were honored to work with Cheri and Eli who were as fun and exciting as their 1920s art deco wedding. With a bit of glam, colorful accents and antique charm, the wedding was truly spectacular.

The floral color scheme consisted of a vibrant palette of poppy reds, oranges, corals, peaches, and ivories. The flowers we used were timeless. Large coral peonies, ivory hydrangeas, orange ranunculus, and two toned roses combined to make a show stopping statement. To create that 20s charm, tabletop chandeliers, antique champagne buckets,  cigar boxes, and custom-died ostrich feathers were brought together with the floral and used as centerpieces. If that wasn’t enough, a running theme of an art deco sunburst shape was used throughout in elements such as their programs, table numbers, napkins, and wedding cake. The result was truly a scene out of The Great Gatsby!

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