Megan and Eric

On this cold, snowy February day, we thought if we can’t warm our toes, we would look back to last year and try to at least warm our hearts with Megan and Eric’s beautiful, classic fall wedding. Megan, a “no frills” kind of gal, wanted a muted color palate throughout her wedding. With the bridesmaids in neutral dresses and the men wearing navy, Megan wanted color to be introduced through the flowers. We chose to incorporate rich burgundies, rusty oranges, antiqued greens, deep blues, and softer tones with ivories, peaches, and grays. These colors were found in the dahlias, scabiosa, garden roses, ranunculus, roses, and stock flower that made up her bouquets.

Besides the amazing color schemes, we were able to create the floral decor with fall flowers. Our favorite thing about autumn weddings are the variety of textures offered through greenery, berry, and filler. Megan’s wedding did not lack in these unique findings. We utilized textural elements, such as, seeded eucalyptus, broom corn, thistle, scabiosa pods, hypericum berry, and astilbe, to name a few.

At the reception we wanted the guests’ tables to reflect Megan’s eclectic style. We used multiple height centerpieces with a combo of wood, gold, copper, amber, and clear vases / candle holders. The tables were covered in a floor length ivory linen that allowed the flowers to “pop”. For the head table and guestbook table we used a slate blue linen to make them stand out, while staying within Megan’s tailored style. The overall atmosphere of the reception was warm and inviting; achieved through the rich, unique tones of the flowers and the amber glow of candles lighting the room.

***If you would like to see the ideas behind our inspirations for Megan and Eric’s wedding, check out the Pinterest board we created***

A BIG thanks to  Studio Blu for the amazing photos!

Bed & Breakfast Wedding

With wedding season around the corner, today we wanted to feature one of our amazing past weddings! One of our favorites was actually featured in Style Me Pretty. Although, the May wedding was unfortunately cold, the dreary temperature did not take away from the beauty of the day. Below are just some of the gorgeous pictures Jeff Sampson was able to capture of this lovely wedding.

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Rustic Vintage Wedding

It is always fun collaborating with friends on their weddings! They usually give us full reign when it comes to choosing and designing their weddings. Arica was no exception! Her look was rustic/vintage with bold pops of colors. We brought her wedding theme to life by combining elements such as doilies, wooden slabs, burlap, embroidery, and mason jars. Below are just a few pictures that captured that memorable day.


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Classic Glam Wedding

We started the 2014 wedding season off with a bang! Liz and Lance’s wedding was a classic glam wedding that sparkled from ceremony to reception. The lush ivory flowers were combined with accents of Tiffany blue and crystals. To bring the romantic theme to life, we combined hydrangeas, garden roses, stock flower, ranunculus, and peonies. For the centerpieces we used a mix of grand trumpet vase arrangements with crystal accents, low-packed arrangements in crystal globes, and varied crystal vases with candles. To top it off, each guest received their very own Tiffany box filled with a delicious truffle. Not only was Liz and Lance’s wedding a great start to the summer, it was an affair not soon forgotten!

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Grey: The New Neutral

Grey is a color that in the past has gotten a bad rap; it is often a color associated with sorrow and mourning. However, today is a new day! Now grey can stand strong against its more popular counterpart: black. This year grey is “the” choice for weddings. Many may not know, but in Native American cultures grey is associated with friendship and is seen as a symbol of security, maturity, and dependability. No matter what grey tone you use this hue can add a cooling yet sophisticate vibe.

Grey comes in a variety of shades and tones that will work perfect for you. If you want your wedding to feel fresh and crisp you should pair it with softer, pastel combinations such as greens, peaches, pinks, lavenders and blues. Grey can also work amazingly with more saturated hues of purple, reds, yellows, and hot pinks. By pairing grey with these bold tones you will create a more modern color palette. The beauty of grey is that you can replace white with light grey or substitute black with dark grey. Whatever tone of grey you choose you are bound to find a shade that is a perfect addition for your wedding color palette.

Below are a few of my favorite color combinations using grey

Grey color combos











When incorporating grey into your wedding flowers, with a little creativity there are some wonderful choices. One of my favorite stems to use to bring out the shade is silver brunia. This berry not only complements most color palettes but also adds a unique texture to any bouquet. My other go-to for grey is any type of eucalyptus. This foliage comes in many varieties such as baby blue, gunnii, or silver dollar eucalyptus. Each offer a great option to add a hint of blueish gray to a flower arrangement. If you are seeking a true grey foliage, stick with the fuzzy textured ‘dusty miller.’ Finally, succulents are an awesome choice to add a touch of grey to your flower combo. Choosing any of these suggestions will bring texture, sophistication, and a sense of modernity to your bouquet.

Glam isn’t just for Hollywood

Hollywood bombards us every day with alluring starlet’s, swank parties, and eye-catching fashion. Women across the country pore over magazines discussing the latest Hollywood trends, wishing just for one day that it could be them, living this glamorous lifestyle. Well, I have news for you….this life, or a piece of this life can be yours. What better day to make your fairytale come true then on your wedding day. The following Hollywood glam ideas will not only wow your guests, but it will allow you to truly shine on your special day.

Luxury Seating

Luxury is often a word associated with Hollywood. To translate this luxury theme it is important to pay attention to your seating. Instead of using the standard banquet chair rent elegant chiavari chairs. These classic chairs most often come in gold, silver, black, or brown. Another option to disguise the run of the mill banquet chair is to use chair covers. Today chair covers come in a variety of fabrics and colors. I suggest using a silk in ivory or white with chair sash knotted in the same tone. Finally, set up lounge seating areas with couches and chairs. Placing these groupings near the dance floor will allow your guests to rest their feet while still feeling like they can partake in the fun of your reception.

Lavishness Linens    

To achieve the Hollywood look it is important not to settle for your venue’s traditional white tablecloth. With your linens you can add style and glam. Today there are hundreds of fabrics and colors to choose from. Layer multiple fabrics, like embroidered organza with chenille or layer tablecloths with lush silks or sheer velvets.

Customized Lighting

Nothing can transform your reception like great lighting. Customized lighting can change the entire look of a space. For the Hollywood look use opulent chandeliers saturated in Swarovski crystals and accent lighting in amber or gold tones. To continue with the theme I suggest using an array of candles. Not only will your reception atmosphere glow, your guests will look even more radiant under this warm light. When it is time for the dance to start, you can create a club like atmosphere with red or blue lighting.

Bountiful Flowers

Beautiful flowers will turn any wedding into something spectacular! With a Hollywood-themed wedding, flowers are not only important, but essential. Nothing gives the feeling of lavishness and glamour than rich, bountiful blooms. To achieve the Hollywood look, I suggest using soft romantic blooms, like peonies, hydrangeas, roses, and ranunculus. Add a touch of the exotic with phalaenopsis or vanda orchids. It is important to minimize the use of filler flowers and greens to achieve the rich Hollywood theme. Finally, use a variety of centerpieces in various sizes to create tablescapes that will not only transform your reception but leave a lasting impression.

Sparkling Details

The cliché saying “it’s all in the details” is definitely true for a Hollywood-themed wedding. Hollywood does not do anything half way and neither should you. I believe it is all in the layering of the details. For example, carry metallic shimmer throughout your event by incorporating mercury glass vases, napkin rings, chargers and framed photos. Combine these items with sparkling crystals from chandeliers, candle sticks, and beaded strands. Continue layering with accents of feathers in your bouquets and centerpieces. Finally add reflective element with mirrors strategically placed throughout your reception. By layering these elements throughout your wedding you will create a magical Hollywood event that no one will soon forget.


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Be a Budget Savvy Bride without Sacrificing

Planning a wedding is nothing but overwhelming. Decisions upon decisions bombard your once normal days. Try to juggle the details while sticking to a budget can seem like an impossible feat. However, with these few budget savvy tips you can maintain your overall look and feel without busting your buck.

  •  Bridesmaid’s dresses: Instead of choosing a bridesmaids dress from a wedding boutique, look for deals at your favorite retail stores such as Banana Republic, The Limited, or The Gap
  •  Votives: Nothing sets the tone of your reception then candle light. Saturate your reception with inexpensive votives.
  •  Garden Flowers: Raid your or families garden’s for flowers. Many florist will work your own grown flowers….just remember you will still need to pay for their services and floral supplies.
  •  Submerged Floral: Create a striking arrangement with as little as three flowers by submerging your favorite bloom, such as, orchids or calla lilies in vases with a floating candle.
  •  Vases and Jars: Instead of purchasing or renting vases create an eclectic look by gathering a mix of vases, jars, and glasses that you or loved ones may own.
  •  Colored Water: Bring color to your tables by floating a candle in a vase filled with colored water. Add a submerged flower for an extra touch.
  •  Rose Petals: Don’t scatter, but, create “petal piles” around candlescapes, which, gives you color for little cost. You can also fill rose petals in a hurricane vase with a candle or submerge in a vase filled with water and a floating candle.
  •  Hydrangeas: Although hydrangeas are considered one of the more expensive flowers, they cover a large area. Fill a vase with one to tree hydrangeas to create a lovely, simple centerpiece.
  •  Baby’s Breath: Don’t knock the baby’s breath… (Although I have been known to too) Packed tightly in arrangements or bouquets baby’s breath can mimic snow, perfect for a winter wedding.
  •  Bridesmaid’s Bouquets: Create modern, inexpensive bridesmaid’s bouquets by using a few stems of one flower such as peonies or hydrangeas.
  •  Paper Lanterns: Paper lanterns make an enormous visual impact whether they are lit or unlit. They are super budget friendly and tie the whole reception room together.

Not Your Typical Grocery Store Flowers

Passing through the aisles in the grocery store, it is easy to walk by the prepackaged, cellophane wrapped bunches of flowers.  However, it’s time to STOP! With a little creativity you can take these common flowers and use them to make something truly special! Below are 10 easy ideas using prepackage bunches of flowers that will transform your party or event.

 1. Dessert

Add color and texture to any dessert by decorating your sweet treats with blooms of flowers. Use flowers such as chamomile, daisies, violets, or pom poms either directly on your dessert or on the serving tray.

2. Candles

Take old garden pots and fill it with wet floral foam. Add a candle to the middle and fill around the edges with flowers. Try using different size pots to add interest to your table.

3. Pressed Flowers

When flowers begin to fade, don’t throw them away; press them in an old book for future projects. After they are dried frame the pressed flowers to enjoy them for years to come.

4. Tin Cans

For a simple grouping of flowers, turn used soup or coffee cans into vases for very little money. Spray paint the cans or cover them in fabric or paper to create cohesiveness among the containers.

5. Jars and Wine Bottles

Place single blooms of flowers into individual milk jars, wine bottles, or mason jars. I recommend varying the heights of your containers to add interest.

6.Place Cards

With a Sharpie write each guest’s name on greenery leafs and use them as place cards for your table.

7. Rose Petal Bubbly

Add a little extra special to your party cocktails by floating rose petals in the bubbly. (Don’t worry roses are edible!) Roses come in numerous shades, which allow you to coordinate the petals with your cocktail.

8. Napkins

Add an extra pop of color to your table by tucking cut flowers into your guests folded napkins. To keep the blooms from wilting, wrap floral tape around the cut stem. To fold the napkin, lay it on a flat surface, and fold in half widthwise so the folded edge is near you. Fold the top layer back down halfway. Turn the napkin over, and fold the edges into the center. Finish by folding the napkin in half.

9. Votives

Use candle votives (minus the candle) and place singular stems in each. Groupings work great on party tables or place one on a bathroom vanity or kitchen counter.

10. Submerged

Fill water to the top of your miscellaneous vases and submerged single stems or bunches of the same flower. A trick to keep the buoyant flowers in place is to use a floating candle; which also adds ambient lighting.

11. Ice Cubes

Freeze edible flowers with water in ice-cube tray, then adding the colorful cubes to signature cocktails.

Lovely Orange

I love bright colors – the way they can take an ordinary floral arrangement and make it pop. One of the best colors to add that special touch is orange. This warm, vibrant shade gives a fun yet cozy vibe to any wedding. Often people can be intimidated by this alternative color; however, orange can transform your event depending on the colors you pair it with. By combining orange with warm, earthy tones such as brown and gold you can achieve a rustic, laid back feel. Often used during the fall season. However, a more modern color scheme can be achieved by pairing orange with blue, purple, or green, which leads to a fun, exciting ambiance.

Whatever direction you choose to go with there are endless orange options for your wedding or event. From light apricot to bright tangerine flower choices abound. Some of my favorite orange flowers are dahlias, tulips, roses, orchids, and calla lilies. In centerpieces I even have utilized orange fruit either whole or sliced to add a unique touch.

Below is an inspiration board to show you just how effective orange can be for your event. This color is truly unique in its ability to add a bright, cheery feel while at the same time adding warmth and coziness

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