Finding Inspiration in Color Blocking

As a florist it is my job to continually try to come up with new, fresh ideas. I look for inspirations everywhere – nature, home décor, magazines, internet, TV….the list good go on and on. Recently I was given the opportunity to create a table display along with Leah at Envision Wedding Studio for the wedding show at Grand Falls Casino Resort.

Leah and I were given free rein to come up with a unique, eye-catching table. We began brainstorming ideas, looking through bridal magazines for color inspirations. It was important to come up with a color scheme that was unique and had not been used in the past. Bold hues were our immediate direction. As the ideas started flowing we soon created a color palate of deep raspberries, burgundies, pinks, gold, and bright orange tones.

As I sought out to create the bouquet for the centerpiece, I remembered reading a fashion article about the infusion of color blocking in the spring lines of 2012. This trend can be spotted everywhere. From dresses to skirts, to shoes and bags fashionistas can’t get enough of this look. I knew the marriage between our bold color palate and the color blocking style would be perfect for the event.

In the bouquet I used deep purple and raspberry carnations (I know the dreaded “C” word) however, packed tightly in a bouquet these often ridiculed flowers work great! Along with the carnations, deep pink hydrangeas, fuchsia orchids, pink stock, burgundy roses, and orange spray roses were arranged in a color blocking pattern to make a packed round bouquet. The result was a modern, eye-catching bouquet. Paired with a fuchsia linen, gold chargers, burgundy napkins, and clear and gold votive candles, the table came together beautifully. By drawing inspiration from fashion, we were able to create a memorable, stunning display.

Peonies at their best

With my last post describing the wonderful peony, I wanted to share one of my favorite weddings I have done this season. Molly and Joe’s wedding combined my favorite three flowers – peonies, hydrangeas, and ranunculus. Kelli Hunt was able to capture the beauty of the designs through her spectacular photography creating lasting memories of a truly special day!


The month of June brings the arrival of the long awaited warm weather summer months and with that one of my favorite times of the year – Peony season! Unfortunately, these big, beautiful, fragrant flowers have a relatively short season so it’s important to appreciate them while they are in bloom.

Most commonly peonies come in shades of pink, white and cream. However, on a rare occasion they may be found in a rich red. Whatever the shade, the wonderful thing about peonies is they are so versatile. These large “fluffy” flowers work wonderful in a variety of bouquets and are extremely popular during the summer wedding season months. Combining peonies with flowers such as roses, stock, hydrangeas, and calla lilies, creates a truly breathtaking bride’s bouquet. If you want something to brighten up the kitchen countertop or lonely windowsill, design a charming look by using a glass container such as a wine or milk bottle with a single cut peony. As you can see, the options are truly endless for peonies!

When purchasing fresh cut peonies, select peonies that have big, colorful buds. If he buds are too tight they might not open. The care for peonies is similar to many flowers. It is important to remove most of the leaves of the peony and cut about 1 inch off the stem at an angle to make certain they will drink properly. Peonies tend to be a thirsty flower so make sure you keep an eye on the water level and re-cut the stems every few days to ensure the longest life possible for this stunning blossom. Finally, the last step, and the most important, is for you enjoy the beauty and fragrance this spectacular flower.

And I’m not the only one celebrating the beauty of peonies this time of year. I found a charming photo shoot put together by Ritzybee and Open Air Photography for The Bride’s Cafe. Enjoy!


More 2011 Wedding Trends

As promised, I just had to share more of the fun new trends in wedding flowers in 2011 including unique textures, muted color palettes and creative embellishment.

Unique Textures
Pairing soft, romantic blooms with textural elements will give any bouquet an unexpected twist. In 2011, natural stems such as pods, succulents, and herbs are emerging as a fast growing trend. These organic stems bring dimension and interest to any bouquet. Pairing these elements with grasses, birch bark, and moss can also create a soft, ethereal vibe for your decor.

Below is a perfect example which I found at which was photographed by Meg Baisden.

Muted Color Palettes
Another emerging trend for 2011 is tones that are more neutral. Brides are opting for earthy shades and blush hues for their color schemes. Pairing taupes or grays with contrasting soft pinks and mauves will reflect this year’s style. Another concept is using a single color in multiple shades to create a truly unique look. Whatever your color palette, remember this year it is about keeping it simple.

Here is a sneak peek of a perfect example of a simple, yet elegant muted color palette from The Sweetest Occasion, which you have take a look at their whole Pretty + Understated Wedding Luxury post.

Creative Embellishments
To complete the 2011 wedding trends it is important to remember it is all about the details. This year, brides are opting to add embellishments such as buttons and vintage broaches to their bouquets to give it an extra creative element. Wrapping the floral stems in satin is always a timeless choice, but, using a piece from your mother’s wedding gown can add a personal touch. The use of embellishments will give your bouquet an extra finishing touch, creating a lasting memory for your big day.  Below is a perfect example of this when a recent bride of mine chose to incorporate feathers, crystals and pearls into her bridal bouquet.  How fun is that!

2011 Wedding Trends

I can’t believe it is already May and in my world, that means the busy wedding season is right around the corner.  And this year, I am very excited about the flower trends for the 2011 wedding season. Among the exciting styles this year are vintage charms and soft, romantic blooms.

Vintage Charm
The classic vintage look has arrived this season in full force. The vintage style can range from whimsical arrangements created in old watering cans to a more elegant look showed off in a mercury apothecary jar. Whatever the container, this nostalgic look can be achieved by incorporating romantic blooms such as, hydrangea, peonies, roses, lisianthus, or ranunculus. Adding a touch of dusty miller or seeded eucalyptus will add the finishing vintage touch to any bouquet. When choosing your vintage color palate remember it is all about washed out colors that look aged. While there are many options to achieve this stylish nostalgic look the use of soft pastels with undertones of gray are perfect for this design.

Picture from:

Soft, Romantic Blooms
Nothing could accompany the vintage look better then the use of soft, romantic blooms such as peonies or hydrangeas. Along with these trend setting stems lisianthus, ranunculus, and roses will also be among the list of popular flowers used this wedding season. These gentle blooms are timeless and classic, which will give your event a romantic and opulent look.

Make sure to check back next week when I talk about more 2011 wedding trends for flowers including the use of unique textures, muted color palettes, and creative embellishments.


A new trend in wedding floral design is the use of hearty succulents. These unique plants are low-maintenance to care for because of their ability to store water in its leaves for a prolonged period of time. As a result, a succulent floral arrangement will outlast any bouquet.  This means they are a great option for brides, especially those hosting an outdoor wedding in South Dakota (because we all know how hot it can get.)

There are an endless number of varieties of succulents, but some of the most common ones include aloe, bear paw, black rose, hen and chickens, and many kinds of sedum.

Your wedding décor can also incorporate the use of succulents in a number of ways. From modern bouquets to unique boutonnieres, these unexpected stems will add a twist to any floral design. Pairing succulents with other blooms such as, billy balls, parrot tulips, or orchids will create an arrangement that will for undoubtedly surprise and impress your guests. Give your centerpieces a distinctive flair by pairing succulents with manzanita branches, pods, and protea. Whatever the combination, using succulents will add a unique, memorable element to any wedding or event.

I had to share these amazining photos that I found at the Stephanie Williams Blog.


Have you seen?

The latest photo shoot by Kelli Hunt Photography featuring Oh My Cupcakes! and flowers by yours truly (Bella Rosa of course) is a must see!

There’s nothing like a bright, spring inspired photo shoot to make a dreary South Dakota day feel sunny and warm.  When picking out the flowers for this shoot, I chose to use hydrangea, dahlias, and tulips in white and stout pink to create a clean and fresh contrast.  Keep in mind, when picking flowers for arrangements, you want to have variety, with not only color, but also with the style of flower used.  Hydrangeas are great for helping to fill out an arrangement without a ton of cost.  Dahlias are a nice, hearty flower with tons or great details with all of the petals, making it a great pair to the tall and sleek tulip.  And don’t be afraid to mix up your container; by placing fresh stems in a blue mason jar, rather than a standard vase, you are able to add color and character without breaking the bank.  This style is great not only for weddings, but also baby showers, bridal showers or fun spring decor to brighten up your home.

For more pictures from this shoot make sure to head over the KHP Blog.

Flower Portfolio

I am constantly working with new clients and designs so if you haven’t done so already (or if you haven’t looked at it recently) make sure to take a peek at my portfolio page.


Baby’s Breath is Back

I’ve just finished up a busy time with Valentine’s Day, and at some point during all of the craziness, especially after seeing all of the cards, candy and balloons this year, it made me think of the cliche bouquet: red roses with LOTS of baby’s breath.

For years, baby’s breath, also known as gypsophila or “gyp”,  has taken a back seat (and even I can admit I have tried to stay away from it.) However, in it’s defense, baby’s breath is coming back and is now being used in modern arrangements. Even brides who are looking for a vintage, country or boho feel (without a lot of expense) are incorporating baby’s breath into everything from ceremony decorations and centerpieces to solely baby’s breath for their wedding bouquets.

Find more inspiration on baby’s breath done right here.

Below picture from Primodonna Bride.

Black Tie Bridal Show Sunday

To all of those eager brides out there, the Winter Black Tie Bridal Showcase is going to be held this Sunday, January 23rd at the Sioux Falls Convention Center. I will be providing some over-the-top flower arrangements for Envision Wedding Studio. And since I can’t tell you this year’s theme for the table, you will just have to make sure to stop by and see it for yourself. Can’t wait to see you there!