Fresh Wedding Flowers

Bridal Party Bouquets and Flowers

Bride’s bouquet: $100-$150
Bridesmaid’s bouquets: $50-$75
Boutonnieres: $7.50


Pin-on: $10-$15
Wrist with plain elastic band: $18
Wrist with jeweled or pearl band: $30

Flower Girl

Single flower with a ribbon: $6-$10
Basket with rose petals: $15
Basket with an arrangement: $20-$25
Small handheld: $15-$20
Kissing ball: $40
Hair wreath: $40

Ceremony Arrangements and Floral Accents

Aisle Décor: $15-75
Altar Arrangements: $100-$250
Arch Floral Accents: $75-$500
Candelabra Floral Accents: $15-$30
Guestbook Bouquet: $25-$55
Memory Bouquet: $30-$75
Unity Candle Arrangement or Floral Accents: $15-$60

Reception Arrangements and Accents

Cake or Dessert table Flowers: $25-$60
Centerpieces or Floral Accents: $10 and up
Cocktail Arrangements or Floral Accents: $5 and up

Miscellaneous Flower Arrangements and Accents

Card Box Accented with Floral: $10-$25
Chandelier Floral Accents: $25-$100
Floral Balls: $40-$150
Floral Wreaths: $75-$250
Flower Hair Comb (fresh flowers): $10-$25
Green Garland: $10-$15 per foot
Mother’s Handheld: $20
Rose Petals: $4 per rose / Equivalent to one foot of scattered rose petals