Flower Portfolio

I am constantly working with new clients and designs so if you haven’t done so already (or if you haven’t looked at it recently) make sure to take a peek at my portfolio page.


New Year’s Inspired Palette

Nothing says a celebration like the metallic tones of silver and gold. And with New Year’s here this weekend, I’m passing on a little color inspiration to help spark your inner creativity thanks to the Perfect Palette. Keep in mind, when choosing flowers to go with this style of event, think soft and light such as white or ivory hydrangeas, ranunculus or even carnations.  Incorporate additional elements such as feathers to add a subtle, unexpected texture to the mix.

And to all of the brides and their families celebrating this weekend, congratulations!

Pine Cone Arrangements

Who says arrangements have to have flowers?  Although I love flowers, there is something unique and intriguing about these pine-cone-only arrangements found through the Hostess with the Mostess Blog.  So feel free to dream beyond the norm and don’t be afraid to ask to see if I can do it.

Holiday Weddings

Call me a romantic, but there is something downright charming about a beautiful Christmas wedding.  Between the twinkling lights and fresh white snow, which you are guaranteed to have in South Dakota, everything seems to glitter a little more this time of year.  The color options for holiday weddings are truly endless from silver, white and turquoise to black and golds, yet red still remains to be one of the most popular choices.

Another great thing about a Christmas affair, is you are able to incorporate unique elements special to this time of year.  Consider incorporating Christmas ornaments into your centerpieces or decorated trees at the ceremony and reception.  Ribbon is also a great element that seems to gain more of the recognition it deserves during the holidays.

I will be busy this weekend with a fabulous wedding and I hope to have some pictures of it up soon.  Have a great weekend all!

Color Inspiration

Picking out a wedding color and theme can be really difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. The Perfect Palette is the ideal tool for any bride who is having difficulty visualizing and deciding on the details for her big day. Feel free to search based on color, shade or season and let your inner creativity flow.

For additional inspiration, make sure to take a look at the Bella Rosal Floral portfolio which you can also browse through by color.

Busy, Busy, Busy…

Every year from May-October, weddings become a big part of my life.  And just when I finally have a chance to catch my breath, the Holiday Season is right around the corner.  Between trade-shows, moving, and helping brides plan for their 2011 weddings, it’s amazing that I have still found time to actually sit down and write.

Although this post is short and sweet, I will leave you with a few pictures from this past summer’s weddings and their beautiful flowers.  I have many more pictures that I am dying to share, so make sure to check back soon!